Beware of Mobile Websites Blunders

Are you planning for business development? Digital marketing is the easiest way to promote your business and enjoy measurable success. However, these days the platform for internet surfing has already been shifted from desktop to mobile. To reach out to wide array of potential customers, create mobile websites and enjoy higher ROI.

It’s been long ago that webmasters have realized the potential of mobile platform. In sync with this observation, all businesspersons are either converting their existing website or pushing hard to create mobile websites. Especially, keeping Christmas in mind, all are looking forward to higher sales and more profit. And to meet this business goal, a mobile site is an indispensable part of business promotion and advertisement.

Generally, it’s found that every tom, dick and harry has a got a mobile site. Unfortunately, most of them are fraud with blunders and fail to provide any fruitful result at the end of the campaign. Here are some of the blunders web designers and developers make frequently. Beware of these and make your sites performance better by eliminating these mistakes-

1. Illegitimate and Poor Design– Readers’ navigation experience matter a lot. While creating mobile sites in dozens, designs care the least about it. This lead to missing of readers out of utter frustration. Even though they like your offers, you would leave you sooner or later due to illegitimate design.

2. Worthless Navigation– Mobile users don’t have all day to spend on your website. They want navigation handy on your website. You must make sure that websites has a proper navigation bar and smooth operative links for your readers’ high navigation experience.  If your web designing is making an obstacle, reconsider and change it.

3. No Search Box– Search box comes handy for readers. They can have a fast search of what is available on your website. Those websites which offer readers no search bars face higher bounce rate in compare to those which has a standard and properly visible search box.

4. Higher Load Time– With a smart phone or an iPhone, the scope of visibility is naturally less. Moreover, mobile websites need to faster loading. Due to complicated designing, inclusion of flash video animation and Java scripting, websites take longer to load. The longer the loading, the higher chance of missing potential customers is there.

5. Background Music– Certain mobile sites come up with trendy background music. It’s good to listen to music while surfing the net. However, these audio files attached to a website, makes page loading time slower. It leads to missing of customers. Customers want information primarily while internet surfing, your background music hardly makes any difference with their navigation experience.

To Conclude-

Business strategy evolves overtime. With this mobile-freak generation, you must develop a mobile site to catch more attention and drive higher traffic toy our website. More traffic intensifies the chances of higher conversion rate.

Taking all these things into account, create a mobile website is money well-spent. It’s high time to go mobile with your audience. However, looking at these blunder mistakes and keeping a distance with them while hosting your mobile site are essential.

Beware of these mobile site related generic mistakes and try eliminating them while creating one such site for your business. It would bring in higher result and more business your website.